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Rose Bay Vet - Under Construction

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Three years in the making and we are finally under construction at Rose Bay Vet Hospital; 8 Newcastle Street, Rose Bay!

With the current practice bursting at the seams (straight into shop number six), and sister dog-grooming business, Paws About, acquiring the former Blumenthal location at number two, the Newcastle street string of animal devotees is being dubbed "The Vet and Pet Corner".

Rose Bay Vet Hospital co-owners Dr. Michael Linton and Dr. Howard Smyth have high hopes for their developing practice. Linton joined forces with Smyth in 2011 to create a four-veterinarian team practice open seven days a week. "In the early days we would be sitting by the computer waiting for a client to walk through the door, now we crave a quiet day!" says Linton.

These days, they have their hands full with sock-swallowing Labradors, pet snakes and chickens, animal surgeries and plenty of canine/feline consultations. A typical day can be described as "MAD!" so much so, they developed and invested in neighbouring business EVE - a 24 hour vet service to address the enormous after hours pet care demand.

Smyth, with over thirty years veterinary experience, and Linton, who is furthering his studies to become a feline medicine specialist, are both looking forward to seeing their physical space at Rose Bay Vet Hospital transform to reflect their business aspirations of providing first class care for their patients; “We want to create a veterinary hospital where both our clients and patients love coming through the door because we have been able to create a warm, comfortable environment that provides the best quality health care”, says Linton.

Working closely with them in all aspects of interior design and branding, the plan is to double the number of consult rooms, including the creation of dedicated specialised cat and dog consult spaces, and devise a designer scheme for every two and four-legged customer to drool over. It will include ceramic timber flooring, fake turf, white picket fences and boutique finishings to emulate the family vibe that the practice works and swears by.

"Rose Bay Veterinary Hospital is more like a home and the staff are more like a family" says Linton, " I could not ask for a better work culture, and the way our customers care for their animals is lovely to witness”.

The new fitout is due for completion around early September, and in the meatime the team are business as usual out of the regular premises.

Paws up if you want to see updates on the progress!

- Yvette

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